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House training beagles

Beagle puppies develop a habit to pee inside your home ever since the day that you adopt your beagle puppy. However, it’s not much of a habit they develop. Your beagle puppy doesn’t know where exactly he or she are allowed to pee and it’s up to you to show him that they shouldn’t potty indoors. The problem is that most beagle owners do not know how to house break a beagle dog so we end up being frustrated with this issue for a long time.

Beagle dogs are extremely smart and understand our needs if you know how to help our puppy apprehend. You have to comprehend that dogs do not process information like humans do it. For example, when we are able to recollect what happened in the past for a long time, beagle puppies can only remember an event that happened within 5 seconds or less. Any longer and your beagle dog simply can’t relate to that action any longer.

Knowing that it would be silly to call your beagle puppy 30 minutes after he or she pooped under the table, point to the puddle and scream at your puppy. Yet so many beagle owners do just that without realizing that your puppy does not apprehend what you expect of him. Don’t waste your time doing that, dog owners should try doing techniques that are much more effective like positive reinforcement.

In order to housebreak a beagle dog puppy owners possess a few ways to do so. First beagle puppy owners have the ability to implement the use of a crate. Place the water bowl and a blanket inside it and keep close for your puppy to see if he wants to go poop. A beagle may begin yelping when your dog is good to go, but it can every now and then be a false alarm. In any way, take your beagle puppy out and when your beagle dog poops you need to right away praise and reward. Rememeber, not 25 minutes after, not even 30 seconds later. Also, confirm that he is fully finished before you start rewarding your dog.

The second technique which could help housetraining is bring your beagle dog out and put an extended leash so that he can walk around the yard. Similar to the previous method, keep an eye out for him and reward your beagle as soon as he goes where he should.

If you happen to catch your dog pottying indoors that is the only exception to use negative reinforcement. One solid “No!” is good, just to make sure that our beagle understands you are mad with your beagle puppy.However, owners need only do so if you can catch the beagle doing it, otherwise forget it. In a matter of several weeks your dog should be potty trained. Learn more about beagle training.


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